Introducing the services of our Graphic Partner


First of all, what is logo design for?

And what is corporate identity?

Many people know it, but let’s take a brief look:

The logo (emblem) is a visual sign of a company, which distinguishes itself from other players in the market, and serves the purpose of recognition and identification.

It must have a consciously designed colour scheme and graphics in line with its field of activity and target group. And it must stick to a uniform image.

The logo is the cornerstone of the corporate identity! A well-designed company logo and corporate identity suggests added value and even “dresses up” the company, so it is important to know what a company communicates and sends out to other market players and target groups.

More and more people in Hungary are recognising the importance of a well-designed, well-constructed, uniform corporate image and are willing to spend money on it (especially if it often does not cost as much as they think) and fewer and fewer are trying to save money and tinker with it in-house.

After all, the visual appearance of a company and the advertising that is built on it is a long-term factor, it also qualifies the company, it is often the first thing our customers encounter during or before a business meeting (from business cards to web design to car decoration), important business can depend on it!

A logo is actually made up of two parts, the most important being THE IDEA. Then of course there is the visual representation, the graphic design. This is what you actually have to pay for.

We really should not skimp on this!

The house starts with the foundation and is then built on top of it.
A logo is the basis of a company’s visual identity.
And advertising is built on it…

That’s why it makes a difference how you start your business
or appearance and whether we want to improve it.

IndigoBox Design can help you with over 25 years of experience!