Our Work / Visible

We disrupted the telcom world with a bold brand and activations out the wazoo.

In a function-driven category, here’s a painfully obvious truth: the phone service industry sucks.

Visible was created to fix that. No contracts, no brick-and-mortar stores, no foot-long paper bills, no hidden fees. It runs on Verizon’s formidable 4G LTE network, but the association stops there.

We built a brand that was less manufactured and less reliant on operational features, and instead opted for radical realness. We spoke the way only a disruptively straightforward brand could, and used every medium in the book to do it. As our competitors struggled to communicate with millennials, we made meaningful connections. We helped Visible walk the talk all day long so consumers could see, feel, and live a better phone service.


• 21,000% Follower increase
• Over 217,000 total engagements
• Over 37MM Total Impressions
• 200,000+ Customer Growth

Unlimited Massages


Unlike other phone service brands, Visible does what it says, and says what it does. So we brought awareness to Visible’s transparency in a big way. We placed an obvious “typo” on Visible’s OOH promising unlimited massages instead of unlimited messages. Social media lit up. Two weeks later, at Denver’s Union Station, we made good on Visible’s promise, giving anyone (and their dogs) as many massages as they could handle for a day.


• Earned media impressions: 7.1M
• Organic Social Impressions: 88,473 
• Unlimited massages given: 800+


• Shorty Awards – Integrated Campaign: Gold Honoree
• Denver50 – Top 50 Best/Winners in the Denver/CO region: Won
• OBIE Awards – Silver



Visible loves living on your phone just as much as you do. So to bring the notion of an all-digital phone service to life, we invited people to step inside their phones, literally. We turned a giant warehouse in Denver into an interactive, multi-room IRL phone experience – complete with an SMS arcade, Airplane (Mode) Lounge, Gif(t) Shop and a DM slide into a pool of foam DMs. Oh, and we brought the music on your phone to life with A-list concerts from HAIM, Kacey Musgraves, Anderson Paak and more…


• Consideration among attendees increased: 46% 
• Earned media impressions: 37M
• Organic posts and social handle mentions: +38% above goal
• Attendees: 4,636
• Leads captured: 5,191


• Denver50 – Top 50 Best/Winners in the Denver/CO region: Won