We specialise in website design and marketing for paint stores.

We create websites and web marketing for more than 20 paint shops and the Harzo paint factory.

We understand the paint shop owners
the online world,

the problems we have solutions to. With 10 years of paint store website design experience, we know how to make a paint retailer’s website easy for users to navigate and understand.

For more than 50 paint brands

almost all of your products are uploaded to our central database, which we can also integrate into your paint store page.

Ez miért jó?

  • Even if you don’t want a webshop, your customers can see what products you sell in catalogue mode (prices are not visible, you cannot add products to the basket).
  • If you want a webshop, it is based on the fact that all products can be quickly uploaded and ordered.
  • Google will love your website!

We have extensive experience in creating paint webshops

  • We can upload all products to your site.
  • We link it to your billing and stock management software – you just record prices as you already do, no extra work with the webshop.
  • We’ll get your webshop to as many customers as possible.

We have a strong track record in Google search results and web marketing!

Our goal is to get your website to as many customers as possible!

We also operate Facebook and other social media platforms!

We produce, post and advertise social media content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn for our paint store clients.